The Alicorn is historically referred to as the horn of a mythical creature, made from a substance believed to have healing properties and was associated with wealth and prosperity. In the west the Alicorn was found projecting from the forehead of a unicorn, but the myth and fantasy of such a creature transcends borders and regions: similar creatures feature in China (the Gilin), Japan, (the Kirin) and Vietnam (the Quẻ Ly) to name a few. The Alicorn is the emblem of a long sought after, truly mythical creature featuring in timeless legends worldwide

Alicorn Chase is an executive search firm with international reach and scope. Our culture is based upon three core principles - Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.

We partner with our clients wholeheartedly, listening to what they truly want, advising them on the best way to achieve their aim and on the subsequent candidate lists before closing the candidate for the hire.

The Alicorn ethos is that all parties in the process, both candidates and client firms, deserve the best service possible. We care genuinely about introducing candidates to environments in which they can thrive and where their careers will be enhanced. We see the initial approach, regardless of a subsequent successful placement, potentially as the start of a long relationship. From a client perspective, we have the ability to select from a global talent base, far wider than the majority of our competitors. Moreover, we are able to map markets globally, and so a search in Alicorn Chase's operations is a fresh search.

We have several unique selling points:
• Niche Client Base – Very large Talent Pool available to Client
• Market Experience – Our Consultants have minimum of 5 years experience in their specialist Markets
• Proven Track Record – Our success ratios on retained mandates are 100 percent
• Consultancy approach – Recruitment forms one part of our service as we are consultants and provide a consultation advice to both client and candidate

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